PaletteOnChain is randomly generated color palette and stored on chain. This is an experiment in on-chain art, where the metadata of the NFT art and the image itself are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, instead of using a decentralized storage service such as IPFS.

PaletteOnChain generates 1,000 color palettes as NFTs. Each palette has 5 colors. This palette can be used as a color base by others to create new gen­er­a­tive art.

The generated palettes are displayed in thegallerypage.

Generate Palette

Fair Distribution

  • Generate only once per address (fair mint)
  • Palette Generation is free (only gas)
  • Verified Contract (view source code)

Next Plan

I'm currently creating a new on-chain art using the PaletteOnChain color palette, and only PaletteOnChain holders will be able to get this.

And I plan to write some documentation about Testnet so that others can create new works using PaletteOnChain.





This work is inspired by "Loot" and "[sol]Seedlings" projects, "randomColor" library. Thanks to everyone who created these wonderful works.